Junior Music and Arts Explorer Day Camp, SESSION 3, August 1 to 5


Junior Music and Arts Explorer

  • Session 3: August 1 to 5 (5 days)
  • Day Camp: 9 am – 1 pm $260
  • Add-on Option 1: Free Activity, 1 – 3 pm $40
  • Add-on Option 2: Academic Enrichment, 3 – 5 pm $200



Junior Music and Arts Explorer

(Lower Elementary: Grades 1-3 in the Fall, 2022)


Music in Seattle Summer Music Camp 2022

Session 1: July 5-8 (4 days), $208
Session 2: July 18-22, $260
Session 3: August 1-5, $260

Day Camp: 9 am – 1 pm

  • Add-on Option 1: Free Activity, 1 – 3 pm $40
  • Add-on Option 2: Academic Enrichment, 3 – 5 pm $200


INITIAL CONSULTATION: An initial consultation matches the student to the right program for his/her interest. Depending on the skill level in a musical instrument, we prepare the students to explore various types of music and arts.

MUSIC: Introduction to the Beginner Piano/Violin Adventure Course for students without a previous experience in either instrument. For skilled students, we help in their daily piano/violin practice according to their private teacher’s instruction. For students who are experienced but without a designated private teacher, we may guide them according to the goal we have planned during the initial consultation. It is not guaranteed that the student will complete the Beginner Adventure Course by the end of the week and may or may not meet the eligibility to register in a Private Division at the Bellevue Academy of Music. In the event the course has been completed successfully, it will be used to satisfy the requirement which will show in their Final Assessment.

ARTS: We explore sketch, painting, and crafts. Although the themes are guided, students are allowed to voice their selection of art mediums to develop and encourage their creativity.

ADD-ON 1: FREE ACTIVITY (1-3 pm) $40 Eligible students may add more hours to the program. Add-on 1 is used for the winding down time for students, to quietly relax and find their favorite activities.

ADD-ON 2: ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT (3-5 pm) $200 Eligible students will receive academic enrichment in subjects of reading, writing, and math provided by partnership education consulting groups.


Questions? Email us at elaine@bellevueacademy.com

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