Senior Music and Arts Explorer Day Camp




Senior Music and Arts Explorer

(Higher Elementary: Grades 4-5 in the Fall, 2022)

Music in Seattle Summer Music Camp 2022

INITIAL CONSULTATION: As many students are narrowing down on their interests around this age, we discuss ways to help them develop in such a field by setting out an initial plan together.

MUSIC: Students are guided to explore and try out different instruments in orchestra and band which will give them a head-start when they need to select an instrument for their senior music curriculum in school. Students will choose a few instruments during the week with some goals to grab a basic understanding. Besides trying out new instruments, if you already have an instrument that you are focusing on and would like to polish your skills, you may bring it to the class which will be kept and handled in a safe place. We guide students to polish their daily music practice according to their private teacher’s instruction. For students who are experienced but without a designated private teacher, we may guide them according to the goal we have planned during the initial consultation.

ARTS: Students in the Senior Artists division will choose and work on a project on the first day. We help them create and plan strategically using various types of mediums. Students may finish one or more projects during the week which they will bring home at the end.

WHAT TO BRING OR PREPARE: Bring your own lunch. If you have an instrument that you are working on, you may bring it to practice.

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